Board of Directors Recruitment Campaign

Our team often gets contacted by you, Amal’s amazing community, asking HOW you can get involved with our center. We are so happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for new Board Members!
Follow the link below and apply today to join our dynamique team.

Application Deadline: 10th of April 2020


Asima Uddin

Asima has been a part of Amal Center for 7 years in various positions. She has experience in planning and organizing events for Amal, monthly food baskets and the annual Ramadan food basket project. Professionally, she has a B. Comm in Human Resource Management and currently works as an HR

Humera Khan

Humera is an entrepreneur, community leader and founder of community-impact organizations and businesses. A part of the “SheEO” activator movement, she proud to be a catalyst of positive change both in the South-Asian and Canadian communities.

Tasha Anglin

Tasha is a certified Professional Accountant and member the Ordre du CPA du Quebec with over 12 years of accounting experience in the private sector. She has been at the heart of Amal’s operations since 2016 when she joined as treasurer.  In her spare time she’s an active and established

Nermine Barbouch

With almost 15 years experience as an interpreter the health care and social work domains, Nermine brings over 20 years of activism and volunteering experience in a wide range of projects including Amal’s “Dialogue Approach to Ending Violence Against Muslim Women in Montreal”, co-founder of the Canadian Muslim Women Committee, anti-Islamophobia


Fatima El-Filali

Fatima El Filali has a Bachelors in Social Work from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has had experience working with clientele from various sociocultural backgrounds at the Amal Center for Women, where she has been offering her services since 2004. Her work includes conducting psychosocial interventions with individuals,

Zeytouna Suleiman

Zeytouna Suleiman worked in Ontario for the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection as a resident support worker. She has thorough experience working with immigrant workers, who have precarious immigration status, which she gained during her time as labour standards educator and a social work intern at the Immigrant Workers’ Centre. In additional