Amal is a registered, non-profit, community-based organization focused on addressing the needs of women and their families affected by domestic abuse.

Our Mission
To provide support and assistance in a culturally competent manner to women affected by domestic abuse in hopes of fostering their wellbeing and development.

The Amal Centre for Women is an open, inclusive, and welcoming centre that collaborates with women to improve their living conditions, develop their independence, and heal the wounds caused by their experience with domestic abuse. The Centre offers psychosocial services that respond to the needs of the women, while also conducting community outreach to raise awareness of domestic abuse in ethnocultural communities. To learn more about our services, follow this link.

At Amal, we are committed to:

  • Promoting the well-being of women and children in a holistic manner, at both the individual and family level
  • Serving as an individually-tailored referral center that links the members of various communities to appropriate and relevant services
  • Developing effective communication skills within couples to encourage healthy familial environments
  • Building bridges with other community groups and organizations that promote similar objectives
  • Raising awareness through education in multicultural communities of the rights and responsibilities of women