Islamic Relief Canada workshops

Since the beginning of the year, so much has changed, but we were proud to have contributed to one positive element of the 2020…our workshop series “Community Change Starts With Me!”.

Between January and July, in collaboration with Islamic Relief Canada, this series benefitted over 500 Amal clients and members of the community.  Along the themes of healthy habits for women from ethnocultural minorities, addressing family mental health, assisting victims of domestic violence, and more, attendees had engaging conversations and built new bonds while learning!

We would like to thank all the those who participated so enthusiastically in this workshop series and the dynamic women who shared their expertise with Amal’s clients and community!

A Dialogue Approach to Ending Violence Against Muslim Women in Montreal

The objective of this two-year project funded by Status of Women Canada was to build a bridge between the social services network of Montreal and Imams (leaders of the mosques in Montreal) in order to tackle the issue of conjugal violence in the Muslim community. The Amal Center for Women successfully hosted five dialogue sessions between all the project partners. The dialogue session served as a platform to foster collaboration among all partners to strengthen the support network for Muslim women who experience conjugal violence.


To learn more about the project, please consult the following:

  • Project Video which captures the partners in action during the dialogue (watch it on YouTube or scroll down)
  • Needs Assessment report which evaluates the current support network for Muslim women. The report includes a literature review of the current situation faced by Muslim Women who experience conjugal violence as well as a summary report of the three surveys conducted by Amal Center. The surveys explore a three-dimensional perspective on the support network based on input from social workers, Muslim men from the community and Muslim women who have experienced conjugal violence. (available in English only)
  • Needs Assessment Briefing presentation in English and French
  • Resource Toolkit for the Imams of Montreal (available in English, French and Arabic)


Mosques partnered on the project include:

  • Al-Ansar Mosque (Laval)
  • Kawter Mosque (Laval)
  • Al-Omah Al Islamiah Mosque (Montreal)
  • B.A.D.R. Mosque (St. Leonard)
  • Islamic Community Center of South Shore (Quba Mosque) (Brossard)
  • Abou Bakr Mosque (Montreal)
  • Rawdah Mosque (Ville St. Laurent)
  • Assalam Mosque (Montreal)

Social Service organizations partnered on the project include:

  • Batshaw Youth & Family Centres
  • Centre de Jeunesse de Montréal
  • Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels (CAVAC)
  • Service de Police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM)
  • CIUSSS du Centre-Sud de l’île de Montreal
  • CIUSSS du Nord de l’île de Montreal
  • Maison Flora Tristan
  • Auberge Transition
  • Repère
  • Service d’aide aux conjoints (SAC)